1Square is developing the DeFi Blockchain and NFT ecosystem. 1Square aims to create a Liquidity bridge that allows users to retain the staking rewards in form of Square points through yield farming (DeFi) and gain NFTs. With NFT reward, users can buy art collection and can sell it Rarible and Opensea. With NFT, users can buy virtual land and item on minecraft game.
Yield Farming enables the exchange of the 1Square tokens (OSQ) not just to receive interest or a loan, but to receive new types of digital tokens through DeFi yield farming and non-fungible tokens. This is one of the simplest paths to leverage the tokens for passive incomes. On the other hand, Staking is another method used to gain rewards by holding your cryptocurrency. So in this introduction we will be discovering how we have leveraged the power of yield farming and the now powerful non-fungible tokens.
All you have to do is first join one of the Generation Finances protocol’s liquidity pools from the platform or another exchange. This in turn promotes liquidity of the token and gives the holders of the OSQ token real value. These OSQ token holders can propose Governance in the 1Square platform
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